On harvesting credit card numbers and passwords

This is the scariest thing I have read since spring 2018: https://hackernoon.com/im-harvesting-credit-card-numbers-and-passwords-from-your-site-here-s-how-9a8cb347c5b5 written by @david.gilbertson. It pretty sure what he describes is actually happening, has been happening before he described it and will be happening going on - just obviously not in the named module. The ecosystem of Node modules is so vast and so unstable that considerable number of project do not do enough to catch behaviour like this.

30 day commit challenge

My work in last few years took my away from practical coding towards DevOps. Despite the increased role of IaaC in our DevOps, this often means living in iTerm and AWS console with interaction not being captured in any form. On writing side, lots of my output shifted from code towards writing text in Wiki’s, GoogleDocs and more and more in Slack messages. The code I write are short one-liners or small scripts with very short life span.

BOTD - Blog of the Day

Today’s blog of the day is a special one. It does not deal with cloud, DevOps or distributed systems. The theme of the blog is travel, life of digital nomad and observations on life from a perspective of a smart young woman, working as Online English teacher and travelling a lot while doing so - https://bookandtravel.blog/ What makes this blog dear and interesting to me is that it’s author is my daughter Silvia.

Quote of the day

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. ― Marcus Aurelius , Meditations