I had an opportunity to attend DockerCon 2018 in person - it was great experience in wonderful city - Barcelona. My notes from it are here. I missed previous year (for variety of reasons), but DockerCon this year (as many other tech events) was purely virtual so I was able to see some part of it.

Compared to 2018, the general tone and content of this DockerCon was quite different. In 2018 it felt like all the attention is focused on big enterprise (mainly Microsoft related) and what Docker as a company is looking for best way how to hook big firms with deep pockets.

DockerCon 2020 Live felt different - not only because it was online event, without booths, party, workshops and crowds. I had the impression that Docker is focusing once again on developers and I did not miss the enterprisey flavour at all.

Here are few of the interesting presentations - full agenda is at here

The First 10M Pulls: Building the official Curl Image for Docker Hub

by James Fuller: https://docker.events.cube365.net/docker/dockercon/content/Videos/yKyKXvufcho7ZyE4E

Interesting background information on workflow and lesson learned while maintaining official docker image for one of the most used tools for accessing http endpoints.

Did you know that curl has around 10 billion deployment ? I did not, neither did I know of curl-configure command. Man lernt nie aus.

Additional links:

Multi container application with Nginx, React, Node and Mongo DB

by Lukonde Mwila: https://docker.events.cube365.net/docker/dockercon/content/Videos/NNkrWWqJSgBBy3nf3

Walkthrough through dockerizing React app consisting of multiple containers, using docker compose to run it and deploy it AWS using Beanstalk.

See https://github.com/LukeMwila/multi-container-nginx-react-node-mongo for the code.

Best Practices for Compose-managed Python Applications

by Anca Lordache: https://docker.events.cube365.net/docker/dockercon/content/Videos/eWWPtj5dmHAmoYypc

This talk focuses on best practices for Python projects with Docker Compose, how to bootstrap a project and an example development workflow with debugging and automated testing

See also https://github.com/aiordache/demos and (unrelated to DockerCon but related to the topic) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6TVyxNpJ80&feature=youtu.be

Also, worth looking at is Awesome Docker Compose samples repo

Become a Docker Power User With Microsoft Visual Studio Code

by Brian Christner - https://docker.events.cube365.net/docker/dockercon/content/Videos/4YkHYPnoQshkmnc26

Eye opening demo of Visual Studio plugins for Docker. Also see Brian’s Github

Building a Docker Image Packaging Pipeline Using GitHub Actions

by Gareth Rushgrove - https://docker.events.cube365.net/docker/dockercon/content/Videos/SPWM3BdnCZWPN4fN9

discusses techniques for building reusable Dockerfiles, difference between packaging from source and packaging from artefacts with advanced use cases, demonstrating the powerful combination of build arguments, multi-stage Dockerfiles and BuildKit

See also Gareth’s Github, article on multistage build patterns and Snyk

Peeking Inside Your Containers and Infrastructure

by Mike Elsmor - https://docker.events.cube365.net/docker/dockercon/content/Videos/SNLT7AEW5e32cTpY2

Talk about observability of the infrastructure and the applications using open source tools. Also, worth checking is author’s Github and product

Access Logging Made Easy With Envoy and Fluent Bit

by Carmen Puccio (despite the nice spainitalian flare of the name, he is a guy) - https://docker.events.cube365.net/docker/dockercon/content/Videos/t2ykDpEams3GDwbYy.

Session about how to implement a consistent and structured log format for microservices applications with Envoy and Fluent Bit.