I have discovered recently the nice feature of Wordpress - Dashboard which shows number of visits, but also shows incoming links and search phrases the people used to land on my blog. Sometimes, they provide really interesting and surprising insights. Of course, I do not see who they are or where the visitors are coming from - so no privacy concerns.

Because of my first name (which is btw abreviated form of Miroslav), I am getting some visits from the people interested in the works of Joan Miró - spanish/catalan artist. Must be quite a disappointment for them, sorry. Nothing to do with visual arts here - unless you count art of coding ;-).

Here are few examples:

- books about miró - see above.
- Linkify Firefox extension
- mac open .cdr image
- fedex memphis ottawa apple - looks like somebody else from Ottawa is expecting Mac delivery
- weird spreadsheets - how did I got to this one ?
- ready for a new day event - maybe marketing department is checking feedback
- C# 3.0 versus Java - I plan to get back to C# vs Java
- firefox linkify - surprisingly, Linkify extension get's a lot of searches.
- undocumented Miro - what the heck is this ?
- c# ORM Dynamic Method - good idea for an entry
- c# mixing compiled and dynamic code - I'd look at IronPython first, folks,
- business objects c# 3.0 - after my project is over, I'll do a summary of "Doing business objects with CSLA - lessons learned"
- miro's world - I like this one, somebody who knows what to search for :-)