Unfortunately, as of previous Sunday I have run out of the backlog in Security Now! episodes, which means that with all three of my favorite podcasts (Twit, Windows Weekly and Security Now!), I am pretty much dependent on their weekly releases. This is a problem, because the sum of 5-7 weekly commutes to work and back (about 15 minutes one way) plus about 40 minutes in a gym every day equals to about 6 hours of required podcast quality content, and the new episodes of three podcasts above cover barely half of it.

So I needed to enhance the podcast menu. Here is what seems to work and what worked less:

1) Merlin Man's 43folder podcast. As with Steve Gibson, I listened up to the current one and enjoyed it a lot, specially the episodes with David Allen. Fast paced, entertaining, informative. I liked Merlin humor.

2) FLOSS - do not run away, this has nothing to do with that scary profession, it stands for Free Libre Open Source Software. I started to listen from the beginning. It is interesting to hear the people you know through their code or technical achievements as living human beings. The quality of the podcast (both audio and moderation) is not as good as other Twit series - but I guess Leo cannot be everywhere and content is heavily dependent on the guest. So far I am at episode 4, the episode #2 with Ben Goodger (Firefox) was interesting, the #3 (Rob Malda aka CmdrTaco of Slashdot) was not so great.

3) Cranky Geeks. Run and moderated by John C Dvorak. First I thought this will be something as good as TWIT, but it was not quite so. Maybe it's selection of the guests, maybe selection of the news they focus on, but IMHO John put together with few more cranky geeks without compensation of basically positive, enthusiastic person such as Leo leads to overcrankyfication (at least for my taste buds). Second - the commercial breaks. There are way too many and way too annoying. I can accept TWIT's 2-3 commercial plugs about Dell, Vista or Astaro, but this is an overkill. If John does not make you cranky, the ads will. Use with moderation :-)

I have also downloaded back episodes 1 to 45 of Security Now! which were not in iTunes subscription - at least I have not discovered how to make them apper there from the grc.com and will listen to them. Unlike the news based podcasts, the topics are still very valid and relevant. Thanks, Steve and Leo - you are fantastic.