Despite Sony's attempt to ignore non-US markets and leave Canadians in the cold (pun intended, even if it is still above zero), I have become a proud owner of the wonderful gadget for all eBooks fans. I still do not have it physically, so I cannot put it under the tree. It is coming next week, when my friend who now enjoys the vacation down in the south returns. He was not only very kind to buy one for me too, but he also wrote a wonderfull review which he is going to post on the Net. I will add a link as soon at it happens. Until that time, here is the summary, in his very own words:

"So in short, I am really impressed by the Sony eReader. Everything from case construction, functionality, file format support, screen resolution, and most importantly the actual readability of the unit all hit the target. You really have to see it to believe it. The only negative comments are the lag-times between screen refreshes, and the somewhat unintuitive menu navigation. As far as future functionality (wish list), I can imagine that full color support will be the next thing on the list, as well as searching and annotation of documents, and maybe even support for wireless connectivity for good measure. "