Building Hugo as well on GitLab pages

Parallel building challenges Unlike Github, Gitlab considers Hugo blogs first class citizens and does not impose any restrictions on repo naming. I had 3 challenges to overcome related to co-existence of GH and GL versions: I need to use same repo for both GH and GL the submodule link for public does not work on GL the site root is different - I have no custom domain forward for GitLab Using same repo To separate the GH and GL, I have added 2 remotes to repo and special branch gitlab-pages.

Current Hugo setup on Github Pages

How does the blog setup and publishing work Before I forget, here is how the current configuration works. There are two repositories at play: source repo - github pages repo (== GHPR) - The blog source repo contains only source files (.md, static media etc). This repo has usual submodules under the /themes - e.g. /themes/even which is one currently used. The Githup pages repo contains generated static site, with index.

From Jekyll to Hugo

I have decided to consolidate all piecemeal versions of my blogpost uder one roof and at the same to do these four things technology upgrade - from Jekyll to Hugo visual refresh of the page review tagging and categorization merge hidden posts from Wikis to one place Why Hugo replaced Jekyll The version 3 of my blog (see below for a bit of history) has been hosted on Github pages and using the default static site generators - Jekyll.