My work in last few years took my away from practical coding towards DevOps. Despite the increased role of IaaC in our DevOps, this often means living in iTerm and AWS console with interaction not being captured in any form.

On writing side, lots of my output shifted from code towards writing text in Wiki’s, GoogleDocs and more and more in Slack messages. The code I write are short one-liners or small scripts with very short life span. This makes me a bit sad as there is no sense of accomplishment at the end of the day or week. The git log does not work over Wiki, AWS console, iTerm, Slack and GoogleDrive.

So in the spirit of 30 day Challenges, I am starting today on Dec 6th the 30 day commit-every-day challenge to overcome this feeling.

Here are the self imposed rules:

  • there will be at least one commit every day betweek Dec 6th and January 6th, inclusive
  • Commit must show in the activity log in at least one of my 3 Cloud source repos: GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket
  • both public and private repos count (most of my stuff is still not open, but I am drifting towards public)
  • The commits must be meaningful - no commits just for commits - and must represent at least one hour of coding or writing work.
  • The gists / snippets count as long as they are in cloud (the SnippetsLab does not count)

What I want to get out of all this:

I hope for four main benefits

  1. feel good and start/re-enforce habit
  2. stimulate the motivation on writing more code and documentation in source code
  3. speed up the work on the certification preparation with practical examples to try
  4. improve extracting/capturing the reusable chunks of scripts into Gists, blog entries or tools

Now, I said this publicly so there is no way back :-) - I am holding myself accountable to do this.

Speaking of accountability, it would be kinda boring to write every day micro-blog on the details, so I make commitment to publish 3 updates on progress - on:

  • 16th of December 2019
  • 26th of December 2019
  • 5th of January 2020

This kinda works well with my schedule - I plan to go for skiing trip to Dolomites in January.

Here we go, end of Day 1.