Time to make checkpoint number 1 - it is day 11 of 30.

So far - out of this 11 days I have 10 days with commits. The missing day was fully dedicated to working on presentation and documentation, that unfortunately ends up Confluence and Google Doc, not in some proper textual format (read: Markdown or RestructuredText) backed by a repository.

Stuff that I worked on:

  • some minor updates to resume (added AWS badges, fixed some typos)
  • notes from certification courses + code fragments
  • scripts for automation of documents / ebooks backup from iCloud to local drives

Most commits went to documentation / practice code for my project “Many ways to Kubernetes” where I play with building up K8s clusters using different approaches. So far I did the “Kubernetes the hard way” - following the course from Linux Academy (https://linuxacademy.com/cp/modules/view/id/221),

This repo - https://gitlab.com/plg-containers/kubernetes-the-hard-way (https://plg-containers.gitlab.io/kubernetes-the-hard-way/) - is not public for now, as I need to make sure I am not violating any IP when building on code fragments from the course. Once I have time to review it, I will switch it to public.

I have also played with several ways how Rancher can be set up and it is quite intriguing, considering the fact that it can be deployed as extension on top of proper K8s cluster as well as to start on Docker host and simulate the cluster by running K8s components in the Docker containers.

To sum it up: so far 10:1. Moving on.