Today’s blog of the day is a special one. It does not deal with cloud, DevOps or distributed systems. The theme of the blog is travel, life of digital nomad and observations on life from a perspective of a smart young woman, working as Online English teacher and travelling a lot while doing so -

What makes this blog dear and interesting to me is that it’s author is my daughter Silvia. What could make the blog interesting and valuable for other audience (especially those learning English who are interested in personal development) is the format of the entries - as they combine reading and language teaching. Each post contains 10-20 emphasized words or expressions that are explained in footnotes - check this one

This way you can learn not only about interesting places and how her generation sees the world, but also discover new nuances and interesting words (German would say Redewendungen) in English.

Because of our work we do not get to spend enough time with our children, so I am grateful for any channel that allows me to be part of their lives. Like this blog and her Instagram channel -