I have stumbled upon this tool: - command line tools for manipulation with Docker images and Docker image registries.

It can work with OCI images as well as the original Docker v2 images.


brew install skopeo


➜  deploy-2018-10-24 skopeo --override-os=linux inspect docker://
    "Name": "",
    "Digest": "sha256:b41cd083421dd7aa46d619e958b75a026a5d5733f08f14ba6d53943d6106ea6d",
    "RepoTags": [
    "Created": "2018-09-07T19:20:02.809176076Z",
    "DockerVersion": "17.06.2-ce",
    "Labels": null,
    "Architecture": "amd64",
    "Os": "linux",
    "Layers": [

It works with protected repos as well - as long as creds are provided

skopeo --override-os=linux inspect --creds=''${CREDS}'' docker:// | jq ".Digest"


The reason for override-os is running the client on MacOS. On Linux, this can be removed.

The double single quotes around ${CREDS} is to make sure that special characters in password such as ;!| will not confuse shell.

Getting information about all Tags

skopeo --override-os=linux inspect --creds=''${CREDS}'' docker:// | jq ".RepoTags[]"


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