How to setup new client

You need to be pensieve admin to do this. You will have to login as service user (non-host account) and su to root.

  • create new Linux user on pensieve
  • setup gitolite:
    • git clone <git://>
    • mkdir bin; export PATH=$PATH:~/bin
    • gitolite/install -ln
  • add own public key to gitolite to get access to gilotile-admin repo (note the naming restrictions!!)
    • gitolite setup -pk
  • get public key for the client account admin and add it (there can be multiple admins)
  • clone the gitolite-admin repo from workstation whose pub key was added
    • git clone <client@pensieve.thinkwrap>.[com:gitolite-admin.git](http://comgitolite-admin.git/)
    • add the key to the repo
      • cd gitolite-admin
      • cp ~/ keydir
      • vim conf/gitolite conf
      • add the newly added account admit to repos, create new repos if required

All gitolite installs are independent so modification in one hosting user have zero impact on others.

Project administration

This assumes that you are account administrator - your public key has write (push) priviledge to gitolite-admin repository for your account.

If this is not true, please ask pensieve admin to add you to the account first - you must have access to gitolite-admin repo for your clients account

Clone the gitolite-admin repo:

git clone

Make sure you use proper account name for the URL.

All administration tasks are performed upon this gitolite-admin repo. By pushing the committed changes upstream, gitolite will “replay” and execute the changes.

There are three types of changes:

  • add new users/remove users
  • create new repositories
  • administer access of users to repositories

How to add new repository

Go to gitolite-admin repository clone and edit the cong/gitolite.conf file

Add new repo name with access rights - example:

$ cat gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf 
repo gitolite-admin
    RW+     =   miro
    RW+     =   alter
repo tmsp-release
    RW+     =  alter
    R       = @all
repo tmsp-dev
    RW+     = @all
repo testing
    RW+     =   @all

Each block starting with “repo” defines new repository.

Add new block to file, e.g. foobar

repo foobar
    RW+     =  developer1
    R       =  @all

Commit and push.

Gitolite will create new repository (located at $HOSTING_USER_HOME/repositories/foobar.git), make it available for push ONLY to developer1, allow everybody (all defined developers with public keys) to pull.

The URL of the repo will be Note that there is no repositories (or .git) in the URL. The later is optional.

How to add new user to your project

  • Get the public key from the developer to be added
  • Make sure the naming convention works: if the name of the user (comment at the end of the file) is dev123@noteboook, store it in file
  • Add it to gitolite-admin/keydir (or subdirectory if there is a name conflict)
  • Perform local commit and push

How to administer access rights for a repository

  • make sure all users are added to the hosting account (see above)
  • edit and push the gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf