Notes from weekend hack:

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in Diagrams/ATGDiagram

Radegast:ATGDiagram miro$ groovy -cp src src/listATGModules.groovy -e -m TWeStore.eStore >uml/test2.uml
Radegast:ATGDiagram miro$ ./ uml/test2.uml
Radegast:ATGDiagram miro$ open uml/test2.png
Radegast:ATGDiagram miro$

=> Output test2.uml

  • the ‘.’ in names is converted to ‘_’ - GraphViz does not like it
  • the ‘-’ in names detto
Using ATG_ROOT from environment variable $ATG_ROOT: /opt/ATG/ATG10.0.2
Using /opt/ATG/ATG10.0.2 installation
Dependants of module TWeStore.eStore => [DCS.Search.Query, B2CCommerce, DAF.Search.Query, DAF.Search.Base, DCS.Search.common, DPS.Search.Index, DAF.Search.common, DAS-UI, DCS.Search.Index, DPS, DCS, DCS.Search.CustomCatalogs, DCS.Search.CustomCatalogs.Query, DCS.Search.CustomCatalogs.Index, DAF.Search.Routing, DCS.Search.CustomCatalogs.common, DAF.Search.Index, DSS, DCS.CustomCatalogs, DAS]
Object TWeStore_eStore
Object DCS
Object B2CCommerce
Object DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs
Object DAF_Search_Routing
Object DCS_CustomCatalogs
Object DPS
Object DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_Query
Object DAF_Search_Base
Object DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_Index
Object DSS
Object DAS_UI
Object DCS_Search_Query
Object DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_common
Object DAS
Object DCS_Search_Index
Object DAF_Search_Query
Object DCS_Search_common
Object DPS_Search_Index
Object DAF_Search_Index
Object DAF_Search_common
TWeStore_eStore <|-- DCS
TWeStore_eStore <|-- DCS_CustomCatalogs
TWeStore_eStore <|-- B2CCommerce
TWeStore_eStore <|-- DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs
TWeStore_eStore <|-- DAF_Search_Routing
DCS <|-- DPS
DCS <|-- DSS
B2CCommerce <|-- DCS
DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs <|-- DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_Index
DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs <|-- DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_Query
DAF_Search_Routing <|-- DAS_UI
DAF_Search_Routing <|-- DAF_Search_Base
DCS_CustomCatalogs <|-- DCS
DPS <|-- DAS
DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_Query <|-- DCS_Search_Query
DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_Query <|-- DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_common
DAF_Search_Base <|-- DAS_UI
DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_Index <|-- DCS_Search_Index
DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_Index <|-- DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_common
DSS <|-- DPS
DCS_Search_Query <|-- DAF_Search_Query
DCS_Search_Query <|-- DCS_Search_common
DCS_Search_Query <|-- DCS
DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_common <|-- DCS_Search_common
DCS_Search_CustomCatalogs_common <|-- DCS_CustomCatalogs
DCS_Search_Index <|-- DPS_Search_Index
DCS_Search_Index <|-- DCS_Search_common
DCS_Search_Index <|-- DCS
DAF_Search_Query <|-- DAF_Search_common
DCS_Search_common <|-- DAF_Search_common
DCS_Search_common <|-- DCS
DPS_Search_Index <|-- DPS
DPS_Search_Index <|-- DAF_Search_Index
DAF_Search_Index <|-- DAS_UI
DAF_Search_Index <|-- DAF_Search_Base
DAF_Search_common <|-- DAS_UI
DAF_Search_common <|-- DAF_Search_Base
DAF_Search_common <|-- DAF_Search_Routing

Visualization (uml/test2.png)

Other functions

Radegast:ATGDiagram miro$ groovy -cp src src/listATGModules.groovy
Cannot determine ATG installation directory
usage: groovy listATGModules.groovy
 -a,--list-all             List all modules
 -d,--debug                Provide extra debug information
 -e,--env                  Use environment variable ATG_ROOT
 -h,--help                 Show usage information
 -m,--mod-dep <module>     Show recursive dependencies of a module and UM
                           diagram for it
 -p,--gen-plantuml         Generate PlantUML format
 -r,--atg-root <atgRoot>   Installation directory of the ATG - full path
                           that contains DAS subdirectory