After being away for over 4 months, I am back on Twitter. No, I did not miss the stream of 160 character mixture of news, trivia, white noise and occasional nuggets. Three main reasons:

1) Twitter seems to to become  unavoidable - more and more services assume that one has twitter account. Many cyberevents rules start with "retweet this" or "tweet that" which of course one cannot do without Twitter account

2) Direct messaging via Twitter is one very convenient method how to add information to many service: new todo in Toodledo, Evernote and so on. It is MUCH faster than starting any client on an iPhone.

3) Twitter is after all the best medium for sharing links. Facebook does not cut it  if you want to keep friend count reasonable so there is a gap between Facebook and LinkedIn

Alas, I am back, with my old handle 'miroadamy'.

Hello - Nael and the gang ...