I have been Cultured Code customer for over 2 years and used multiple their products: Things on OS-X, Things for iPad and iPhone on daily basis.

Not any more.

I am definitely giving up on Things and Cultured Code products.

The reason why is sheer frustration from long wait on usable synchronization between Things on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Something that have been discussed, promised, chewed over 2 years and that still does not work.

In theory, you *can* synchronize as long as Mac and iPad / iPhone are in the same wireless network and can see each other. Things on Mac must be running and when Things on iPad/iPhone starts, they find each other and exchange data. It works most of the time, until it stops. With a bit of luck and some tweaking, one may be lucky and get it back to working order. Or not.

It happened to me several times that for no particular reason, iPad started the synchronization but never completed. Sometimes restarting iPad or Mac helped. Sometimes not. Sometimes I managed to fix the problem by unregistering the iPad and adding it back. When this remedy failed, in frustration, I tried to contact CC technical support. Here is the answer


Thank you for your inquiry.

We are working on our own cloud sync solution that will allow 
for multi-device-sync (Mac / iPhone / iPad) using whatever network is available (Wifi / Edge / 3G). 
See: http://culturedcode.com/status
That's the most requested feature currently. 
At present I can't give you a time frame, 
though, when this is going to be ready.


Things Support
Cultured Code

They have been working on synchronization for well over 2 years now, if I remember correctly, which is about 18 months too long. What kind of project management is that they still do not have a time frame for completion ? This is not perfectionism, this smells like Cultured Code is another product company that was great once but lost its mojo and capability to deliver. Things may be the most beautifully designed GTD application out there - but how long will pleasure from using shiny toy compensate for lack of basic functionality ?

After reviewing the landscape of GTD apps in 2011 I am now settling on combination of Toodledo and Evernote. Toodledo is basically a Web application with several iPad / iPhone clients. There is probably no OS-X desktop client that would come close to elegance of Things. Yet. And the web UI is kinda busy - but boy, it is *very* *very* functional. The synchronization with iPad works like charm, asynchronously.

And I doubt it took the Toodledo team 24 months to solve ...