I have came to a conclusion that I do have too much stuff in my life.

Too much and too little and the same time.

Too much information. Too many interruptions and distractions. Too little time to think.

Too much consumption of information and not enough time to process it and do anything meaningful with it - learn from it or create something new.

The only way how to get out of the self-digged hole is to start cutting.

One of the big sources of distraction and cause of many pointless hours spent on Web is Twitter.

I was using Twitter mostly as filter: by following people with similar interest, trying to curate the content "out there".

It worked to a certain degree - and I indeed discovered some interesting pieces of information I would miss otherwise.

The real questions I have to ask are: did these discoveries justify the time spent reading through pointless tweets (big portion of twittersphere) ? The answer is no. What would I miss by not finding them ? The answer is - not much, really. What difference did not missing them make in the
long run ? And the final answer is None.

It is very hard to say something that matters in 160 characters. Some people can do it, I am not one of  them.

So after few years of being on Twitter I am deleting my Twitter account today.

Bye bye Twitter. I will try not to miss you. And I am sure you will not miss me.