I have find new podcast that I want to share with you. It is called "This Developer's Life" and is produced by well known digerati Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, about 50 % of them produced by Leo Laporte's TWIT Network (This Week in Tech, Macbreak, This Week in Google, FLOSS Weekly and occasional Security Now).

What I like about Leo's network is professionalism of audio production, usually good and interesting panel with topics that are worth listening to. Few other podcasts come even close to the TWIT level of perfection.

Except this one which is much better. Not necessarily from audio or production point of view - although they are both very good. This developers life goes way beyond what Twit does. It is not a dialog of few interesting geeks, it is story. Story nicely designed, well crafted, interwoven with really good music. It changes from dialog to story with commentaries, but keeps you interested. An episode usually
focuses on single theme and contains several stories. Topics are not technology, but the area where technology overlaps with life: motivation, audacity, highs and lows of programming career

Great selection of guests, including cybercelebrities such as John Resig or Miguel de Icaza.

I almost never listen to a podcast episode twice. For this one, I do.

Highly recommended.