This Sunday, as every first Sunday in month we had regular Bytown Mac User Group meeting at usual place - Patty Bolands Pub at the Market. It was great meeting because we had many newcomers - both to the group as well as to the platform, including very fresh Mac switch - a happy owner of 24 hours old Macbook Pro.

The presentations were very suited for the audience of newcomers, especially Katheryne's demo on customizing the Mac. She was kind enough to send the links to the talk (the mailing list). I think that the links are very useful for wider audience than just the ByMUG folks, so I will repost them here ... withour her permission, but in here very own words :-)

Thanks again for your attention during my presentation - these are the times I am very happy I chose the MBP over the MacBook :) Here are the links as promised:

Hardshell cases:
- InCase <>
- Speck <> (Warning: Flash. Eugh.)

From Apple:
- Icons, screensavers, etc. <> Don't be afraid to click around and find out about other downloadable goodies.

- Phantom Butterflies, Strands, Filigree, Iota, Scattered Flurries (aka snow!), etc. <> & Ignis Fatui (one of my faves) <>
- Anèmona <>
- Fishes, Matrix code, Jigsaw puzzle, etc.: <>
- X-Galaxy <> (The purpley whooshy one)

Wallpapers sites:

Icon sites:
DeviantArt has a lot of artists putting up amazing icon sets, like this one: <>

Custom folder creators:
<> (Oops, I think the download link is broken. You can probably still download it from the host site.)

Other cool stuff:
- Adium (instant messaging application): <>
- Wallsaver (screensaver as wallpaper): <>
- iConiCal (different colors for your iCal icon): <>
- CandyBar (to change icons, app icons, dock, etc. 15-day trial with 250 icon capacity, 29$ for full version): <> and Iconfactory: <>
- LiteIcon (free icon restore/change app): <>
- Shapeshifter <> to use themes (GUIs) <> built using ThemePark <>

- The dock I was using today, Alu Curved 3D: <> (MacThemes - learn to love this site if you want to sleekify your Mac even more!). Other docks from this site: <> and <> (this link has a dock with instructions for a manual installation of a new Simple Dock - left/right).

Thanks, Katheryne and Glenda for preparing the demos - and sorry for the projector cables mix up ...

Some shots from the meeting (taken on my shiny new whitey iPhone ;-)