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My email information was transferred from Touch as part of the activation process and started to work right away. Very good and functional user interface.

I also found the mobile Google page ( to be very useful - it adds easy access to small screen optimized versions of the Calendar and Reader. I use Reader a lot, the best feature being that articles I read on ANY device (MBP, Linux desktop, iPhone or even some of the many VM's I am using)
will be marked as read ...

Location Services
I went for a walk to closest Starbucks to test the maps and GPS. It is pretty scary how precise it can be.
Not 100% of the cases - sometimes for no particular reason, it does not find you with better precision than you would expect from cell towers, but in 99%, it is bang on. Within maybe 10-20 meters. Even more impressive when you walk and see the blue glowing ball move on the map.

From applications out there I have not yet find the "ultimate walker companion" - an app that would take a snapshot of my location in predefined interval (1 min - 5 min) and save it to trail, then allow to upload the trail to Mac and show it on Google Map. Some come close, but I think somebody will write this one some day :-). I tried out 'I Am Here' - free app that takes your location and sends it to email recipient.
Would be great, if it had an option to pre-define the recipient and have single button send.

Web browsing
The mobile Safari is actually pretty good. Very readable, good ergonomics. Few features that I miss is easy
way how to access delicious bookmarks (add new mark). The speed on 3G network is pretty good, if you switch 3G off (or get out of coverage) and downgrade to EDGE the browsing is much less fun ...

I have created home page bookmarks for most of site I access often: Google mobile home, DZone, Digg, Safari. Google Documents is partially usable - you can read most of the documents (the spreadsheet cannot be sized) but their are not editable. Google Notebook does not work either.

On a positive note, Safari books online work on Safari very well. This with Dzone + Reader = never more be bored while waiting or traveling. The limit of maximum 8 pages is sort of annoyance - although I understand why it makes sense to have some limit ...


Much better than the RAZR, which does not say much. But actually, it works reasonably good in various
lightning conditions and produces pictures that are reasonably good for documentary purposes.
Disclaimer: I am DSLR snob, contemplating upgrade to D300 as soon as the D700 pushes price a bit down, so there is no comparing with something that has miniscule piece of glass instead of lens ;-

Data plan

I purchased the add-on 6 GB / month plan for $30. Kind of expensive and as many others, I was strongly feeling that for that price, it should be unlimited.

But for all practical reasons, this is pretty much same as unlimited. 6 GB means about 200 MB a day and even with lots of surfing, YouTube and documents reading / emailing it's hard to go over 100 MB a day more likely 20-30 MB. You will simply not have enough battery power to burn the 200 MB a day ..

So the data plan works just OK and I can use apps like Google Maps with satelite view without worrying about paying dearly to look at than place in Calabria my sister went for vacation to ...

From applications - some can be pretty easily bandwith hog. Good candidate for it is SmugMug - free app that uploads your photos to SmugMug account - I am playing with that (see for yourself if you want to see the iPhone camera resolution - or get bored  as I was shooting randomly everything around ...)

to be continued