I have decided to take weekend off. No catching up, no work, no stress. And it will be a proper weekend - 4 days long in total because both Friday and Monday are statutory holidays in Thinknostic. Great opportunity to relax, decompress, catch up on some reading and audio books and do something fun. And maybe gettogether with friends and celebrate Vlad's birthday. After all, the 28H is not every year :-)

Too bad that the weather does not play along, at least not so far. It is supposed to be fairly cold and wet, with some flurries and 1 cm of snow, so my plans of adding 20-30 of kilometers of walking are in danger. But as they say - if you do not like weather forecast in Canada, wait half an hour .... We will see.

As a plan B (if the weather does not improve), there is always my reading pile plus couple of newly loaded ebooks in my Sony Reader, Chapters and Safari Online books. Speaking of which, I have started to read the Ruby on Rails book on Safari and am pretty impressed ! Why did not I look into Rails thing earlier ?