.NET 2.0 offers very rich and nicely designed library of core data structures, collections and algorithms. Occasionaly, you run into situation when you need something not in there. Before starting to design you very own extension of LinkedList or HashTable, look into interesting open-source project NGenerics - chances are you will find it there.

It contains quite a few new data structures:

extensions of existing data structures to work with Visitor pattern

and implementation of algorithms - sorting:

and general:

Nicely written, documented, comes with unit tests :-) and under very liberal license.

See also author's blog and the article on Codeproject he wrote. Thanks Riaan, your code is appreciated.

Btw, speaking of Fibonacci, did you know Fibonacci was only his nickname and the real name of this Italian mathematician was Fibbooonnnnnaaaaaaaaccccccccccccciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ? :-)