This is for Gabo, Derek, Steve and others who talked to me about podcasts and about which podcasts are worth listening to.

Since I bought Nano2, I spend lot's of time listening to podcasts. Pretty much all driving time, walking time and time in the gym is spend listening to wide selection of topics and to people producing them.

Here is my current list plus some additional recommendations:

1) TWIT and all around Leo Laporte.

This is classic. Go to and choose from over 10 various podcasts. I am listening to This Week in Tech (Leo with John C. Dvorak and Wil Harris are great), Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrot, and definitely Security Now with Paul Gibson. Paul has amazing talent to explain complicated things in very understandable way. When I listen to this podcast, there are only two options: I either learn something new I did not know before, or I found better way how to explain something I knew before to somebody who does not.

For Mac users, you want to try iLifeZone and videocast MacBreak. The This Week in media is not bad either, but I find commercial breaks in this podcast pretty annoying. To subscribe to any of them, click on iTunes tab on the website.
2) NOVA Science now

Less "geekish" than TWIT, but very interesting, targeting science in wider range. Highly recommend the Twin Prime Conjecture episode.

3) BBC Podcasts

I always liked BBC for two reasons: their balanced, mostly objective news presentation (meaning both balanced point of view as well as understanding that North America affairs do not equal 90% of newsworthy world news) and for really cool British accent. The web newscast offers you the first benefit, but to enjoy the second, you need podcast. From the website you can subscribe to variety of podcasts - or listen in browser.

These three sources give me much more content than I have available time. But if you look into more variety, here are few more tips: try 43 folders podcast, Steve Pavlina podcast for for personal development, or Zencast if you are curious about meditation and Zen buddhism. Or just open iTunes, click on iTunes store (requires account at iTunes store), click on Podcasts and select from hundreds of free podcasts available. Happy listening.