Today's extension is about session management. Great news about Firefox is it's ability to use tabs and have opened many webpages at the same time. This impacts people's browsing habits - rather than following one path of the links and diving deep inside the Website, you explore many paths concurrently, jumping from one to another, adding more and more tabs at the virtual crossroads. As in real life, when you travel, bad things can happen - what in this case means that your browser may crash, leaving you in the middle of nowhere with no trace of how you have got there and what you have already visited. If you were using the Session Saver extension, this would be prevented - after Firefox restart you would end up with exact collection of open tabs as before the accident.

Often you may want to close and reopen the browser deliberately: as you surf, the memory consumption goes up and up, because browser caches the visited pages to allow faster back arrow operations. When your memory consumption start approaching the fiscal deficit of a small European country, you may consider shutting browser down and restarting to get rid of some cache. With session saver on, you can do that without loosing context.

Using session saver you can simply close the session and continue browsing next time at the very same position as you stop. You can even have multiple named sessions saved and transfer session (the saved session file) between machines, using is as very complicated mass-bookmarking tool.

Do not get discouraged by the very low version number: 0.2. Despite it, it works very well, much better than many software packages with version number 7 and higher ....