Not only apple the fruit, but also Apple the company. How does it work ?

Step 1: Buy an iPod. Any model will do, I have got Nano 2Gen, 4 GB

Step 2: Subscribe to some good podcasts

Step 3: Listen to a podcasts while taking long walks - outdoors (preferred) or in a fittness studio.

That's it. It works great for me. During last four weeks I have digested lots of podcasts, inclusive TWIT (This Week In Tech) netcasts from August 2006 almost up to today. It is a great way how to stay informed and get more interesting news while spending less time in front of the computer. And on top of that, you can have fun along the way. Leo Laporte is great host and personalities like John C Dvorak add lot's of flavor to the discussion. Few items from latest edition:

  • Windows Vista has gone RTM
  • The 64-bit version of Windows Vista will be much more secure than the 32-bit version.
  • Jim Allchin claims that Windows Vista is good enough for his 7-year old without an antivirus.
  • President Bush has given a plug to Dell televisions.
  • Microsoft's review agreement for the Zune is rather restrictive.
  • Forbes says that the Zune stinks.
  • Microsoft is going to give Universal a fee for every Zune sold.
  • Office 2007 has gone RTM.
  • A judge has approved a challenge to the RIAA's $750-per-song claim.
  • Apple has ditched the "Mac Guy" from its ads.
  • Apple has released Macbooks with the Intel Core 2 Duo.
  • CNet News and CNet have gotten Web 2.0 redesigns.
  • A 43-year old software developer is now suing NTP.
  • Google has accidentally sent the "Kama Sutra" worm to 50,000 people on one of its mailing lists.
  • Bit-Tech has an article defending multi-core processors.

I was was really surprised how many interesting podcasts exists out there. Many more than I have time to listen - it is hard to find more than 7-8 hours a week for listening and walking ...

Great source of podcasts are podcast directories - such as,,, and many others.

In case the podcast are not enough, try audio books - I have listened (during spring and summer) to all books from Ender series by Orson Scott Card and it was fantastic experience. It takes lot's of walking, though if you want to listen unabridged versions (typically 8-20 CD's per book). Recently, Ottawa Public Library started to provide audiobooks as electronic - unfortunately, the DRM is incompatible with iPod's so I will either have to get some cheapo MP3 player just for these books or stay with borrowing and ripping CD's with iTunes...

May the TWIT be with you ... and happy walking.