Got a new gadget. Actually, not quite "got" - just borrowed from Mike. It the digital pen - amazing piece of machinery, that remembers all you write (up to 40 pages) and allows you to transfer written text to computer. The catch is that you *must* write on special paper, with microscopic marks that help to note the position of the pen.

I was surprise how successful was the CRC software of making some sense from my cat scratches :-).

What I think is the best use of this tool for me: design. In the early phases when you draw boxes and classes and lines, you do not really need a design tool - something like Enterprise Architect or Visio more stands in your way than helps. Later on in the design process, you need a tool like these, but for the early phase - pen and paper is exactly what you need. We have been using whiteboards for this purpose and photographing them - but to get clean nice picture is great.

So - let's the writing begin - albeit it is weird to write without touching a keyboar :-)