All Day DevOps 2019 - Notes

I have attended the All Day Devops - on 06 Nov 2019 - an event that runs for 24 hours and has multiple tracks of content organized in 4 blocks.

The tracks:

  • Keynotes
  • Cultural Change
  • DevSecOps
  • SRE
  • CI/CD
  • Everything Cloud

The complete list is here: - the play button points to the block video.

The Video URLs

Channel 1

Channel 2

Channel 3

Channel 4

Channel 5

Alltogether this represents about 5 x ~ 20 =~ over 100 hours of content.

Noteworthy and 100% relevant to == my top 3

This is subjective selection of those presentation that I managed to see and considered interesting plus with quick note why

10:00 AM - Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret? - Omer Levi Hevroni

Link -

Addresses issue we are having: Secret in YAML => base 64 => not secure => not in Git


Helm Secrets
Sealed Secrets
Seal = single key pair

Helm secrets = Mozila Mops
== coupled to cluster

Required: Gitops, Native, secure => $$$, access control, no gitops flow => imperfect
Travis encrypted secrets => only for given repo

SOLUTION: Kamus => Soluto (Kamus == secret in Hebrew)

  • encrypt secrets for specific app, only that can decrypt it => on AWS KMS, HSM support
  • CRD support
  • Application identity: service account, token
helm install kamus soluto/kamus

11:00 AM - What You See Is What You Get For AWS Infrastructure - Anton Babenko

Awesome extension of that genarates Terraform and Terragrunt code

Gitops FTW

=> Our current workflow is based on GitOps

Noteworthy and interesting

  • 10:00 AM - Multi Cloud “Day to Day” DevOps Power Tools- Ronen Freeman
  • 10:30 AM - Bring Back the Power of the IDE: Debugging Apps Running in Kubernetes Jeff Knurek

Bunch of notes and links

(should be sorted out - work in progress, saving them here)

Concourse - deliver, extensible with bash


Fergal Dearle (EC)

Templating for CFN

Jeff - travel audience

Armador == docker compose for K8s

Voting apps

Telepresence => tunnel from K8s to machine
ksync vapor-ware

squash solo-io


cloud code


Kris Buytaert
'Bunch of guys go/nogo'
7 tools => implement all tools


Rene van Osnabrugge


Jason Gwartz


Derek Weeks


Mohamed Labouardy


Ariane Gadd

AWS Fargate
KPMG CloudOps, 70% AWS

Sean O'Dell

AWS functions

Jesse Butler

Stateful apps -
Bahubali Shet


Jenkins - David Malett

J2EE Docker

3 Musketeers: Jenkins, Terraform, Vault