Being two weeks without “permanent computer home” and living among old Helios, MacMini, temp repair and Web was interesting experience. I certainly remember most of my Web passwords (again).

Got my new MacBook Pro replacement yesterday. Pretty sweet upgrade: quad-core i7 @ 2.4, 8 GB RAM, 750 GB HDD 7200 RPM, Thunderbolt. Noticeably faster but also a bit louder - runs fans more often, maybe it is just while Spotlight does index everything ?

It came with Lion, so I am staying. I will not bother to do Java 5 - Cineplex is moving to ATG10, B2B will be ATG 10, so it is time to leave it behind.

After some contemplation whether start from scratch I decided to restore from TimeMachine - there is no time now to twiddle with environment, however tempting it is. So I restored same semi-messy state as I left it 2 weeks ago. Restore was smooth, it did run for about 5 hours yesterday. Today, I briefly reviewed and removed some relicts from the disk, but did not go into too much effort to sort things out.

What works (tested):

  • Fusion - upgraded to higher minor version, start of the VM is much shorter
  • Flow, Cord, SourceTree, MacVim, PathFinder, IntelliJ (after I installed Java).
  • all cloud services (CrashPlan, GoogleDrive, DropBox, Evernote, SugarSync, 1Password)
  • Document tools - Curio, OmniGraffle,

What does not work is bloody Office. It lost its serial number so I will need to find it, enter it and maybe spend time on line with Microsoft to resolve the issue. My distaste for everything Redmond cannot be any bigger