This is reloaded version of my previous blog - or continuation of the fork.

First thing to start is to explain why did I do something quite contra-productive as relocate the blog and loose all the audience - however small it could have been.

It would seem that I like restarts and things reloaded. I did pick a new country to become new home for me and my family (if emigration is not a restart, what else is ?).  Back in 2004 we have started Thinknostic to be "Montage Reloaded" - a new incarnation of the company I worked for before and liked it a lot. The same story repeats with blogging.

When I started blogging back in 2006, it was Thinknostic second year and we started to really grow:  we got our own space beyond small sales office in downtown we have had before, built some serious hardware infrastructure, employee numbers started to go into two digit territory and we landed our first 1 M$+ project. My blog at was our unofficial presence in the social space. In 2006 I picked the login and account name "thinkwrap", because it was - at that time - a word that kind-of expressed the approach we were using: something between methodology, best practices and a toolset.

In the three years, the same word ThinkWrap was selected as the new brand when Thinknostic in Ottawa and Pentura Solutions in Toronto (both "second life" companies of Montage origin) merged.  Now suddenly, with "thinkwrap" in URL,  my blog became whole lot more company-bound that I wanted. As everybody can see on dropping rate of contributions, I found pretty hard to post. I was never quite sure whether I really want to present my personal opinion to appear under ThinkWrap brand as something that the company would be saying. Even worse, now we were several times the size as before, with headcount of about 50 - who was I to speak for all these people, when there were so many smarter, more talented and more experienced than myself ?

As result, the whole blog thing came to a big halt - no posts for over 6 months. The only solution I could come up with was restart. Thus, a new, real corporate blog was created that is way more than single guy's opinion. I am one of the contributors, meaning that you will find posts by myself but also by Nael, Milos, Mike and few more great and talented guys we are happy to have as part of the ThinkWrap. And more will certainly come. See for yourself at

For my personal stuff, I have exported and reimported the content into different WordPress blog and hooked it under domain that clearly indicates that it is my personal blog and personal opinion. Occasionally, I may decide to crosspost some to corporate blog as well, but most of my opinions, suggestions, rants, jokes, book recommendations and crazy ideas will not go beyond this ones :-).

So, I have now new place that completes my virtual existence. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook (albeit I try hard to keep my Facebook friends to be subset of people I did meet in real life).

Have a good rest of the year and - as my German speaking friends would say:  "Einen guten Rutsch"