Thanks to great weather, the walking season is in full progress :-) and that means I was able to add some more listening material to my podcast collection. I still keep track with all part of TWIT network - This week in tech, Security Now!, MacBreak Weekly and Windows Weekly - but that is nowhere close enough for both walking and driving ...

I have returned back to listening to Scott Hanselman blog (Hanselminutes) - mostly out of curiosity how did working for Microsoft change is very balanced and realistic view of technologies.

Fortunately - it did not.

Scott is still same great, very open minded developer that can see value and strength as well as issues and problems in technology regardless of its origin. It speaks a lot positives about Microsoft as well - by allowing this to happen.

Very good episodes are (back from 2007) from my personal point of view were:

I was pretty intrigued with the title of the episode "The Worst Show Ever with Chris Sells and Rory Blyth" - which is Episode 112 and I have to agree, the title was pretty descriptive :-) - but it was at least reasonably funny.

I am looking forward catching up with rest of the year, which according the Weather Network should not take too long.

Thanks, Scott. Keep up the great content coming.