Spam has always been a big problem for all blogs. Fortunately, provides wonderfull Akismet spam filter which is works amazingly well. I do have switched on moderation for all comments, to make sure no spam gets through, but without Akismet it would be impossible to manage it because of the spam volume. Since I started this blog (August 2006), it caught over 17'000 (yes, seventeen thousands) spam posts. In other words, about 30 spam comments a day or almost 60 spam comments per published post.

In past few days I have notices new type of spam comments that pass through Akismet. What is really confusing, is that there is no obvious message in the text - no usual wonderdrugs, ten dollar Rolex or enlargement of body parts offers. Some of the links even point to quite legitimate, non commercial sites. I did not spend any time on it to find out a pattern yet. Some kind of campaign ? Few sites were related to stop animal cruelty - a very noble and worthy goal to support, but certainly not with methods like this ...

Anybody else having similar experience ?

Here is what it looks like (I am posting it as image to avoid promoting the spammer):