I have been sick for last two weeks, most of the time offline, listening to podcasts and audiobooks and doing more or less nothing. I have caught up with the backlog of episodes, saw lots of videos from Macworld.

Among the audiobooks I was listening two, some recommendations:

The Company is good parody of the corporate life. Starting with missing donut, it tells the story of a new hire in large corporation, governed by strange rules. It soon has an interesting twist - find for yourself. The book is available as MP3 CD, so you can save time ripping it to iPod.

Another book that I liked was cult classic that I have read before (in at least 3 languages), but never heard it: The Dune. Nicely done, and an excellent way how to make time fly faster when you are locked to bed and too sick to do any serious reading or coding :-)

As of yesterday, I am back in circulation, trying to catch up with everything I missed for last two weeks.