Last few weeks I have been using one application on iTouch much more than before: YouTube. Within my how wireless network, I can have an access to the videos on YouTube without sitting behind the computer - for example while walking on treadmill (I recommend walking slowly) or on a sofa :-).

Very interesting videos and actually worth the time spent on them are Google technical talks from Google channel. Few examples of videos I watched and liked:

- Linus Torvalds talk on Git
- Brian O'Sullivan talk on Mercurial
- Secret History of Silicon Valey

All these videos are available in larger format on Google Video as well.

I was trying to watch the instructional video's from on iPod touch as well. Unfortunately, that does not work. I could log on to Lynda and select the section, but instead of video, only an icon of broken movie player was displayed. It seems that iTouch Safari does not support the plugin required for the Lynda videos to function.

Speaking of Safari - our company has corporate subscription of Safari Books online - a huge library of almost 4000 technical books. An excellent resource ! The website is very well readable on the Touch. Especially nice feature is that after you "pinch" web size to enlarge it (and focus on the content area), the changing to page does not resize page back to default, but keeps the resolution. This way you can easily move around and navigate with single finger ...

Nicely done Apple / O'Reilly Media :-).