As long as you are using OS-X, this is something worthy looking at: the MuPromo is running the annual bundle offer with (currently) 8 applications, worth $534 for the mentioned $49.99. The sale is on for 4 more days. The way how it works is that at certain marks, additional applications will be added to the bundle (for the same price) and will be made available to everybody who purchased the bundle. Including me :-). Currently, the sales are at > 1600, the next app will be added at 2400 (pretty sure it will happen) and the last one at 5000 (fairly likely).

What got me interested were 3 applications:

1) ForkLift - a TotalCommander like file manager, fulfilling my obsession with two windows side-by-side. It is not as powerful as the TotalCommander or Krusader (on Linux), but it does allow going into ZIP files as if there were part of file system and it also does the FTP/SFTP connectivity.

2) Yep - it is kind of "iTunes for PDF", an organizer that can tag, sort and manage large amount of PDF files. For example eBooks :-). The same company offers the Beta of Leap - and boy, that looks *really* great !

3) XMIND - mind mapper. An Eclipse RCP based app to do the brainstorming, mind mapping and diagramming. Being Eclipse/Java based, it will run on Linux or Windows as well (I think the license even allows it - but I do not really care, as I will run it on Mac only). On the negative side, being Eclipse based it does not quite look and feel as the proper Cocoa app - but it is quite OK. This is most pricey piece, selling for $299 (with Intro price $129.99 until December 31st) - so this alone is worth the bundle.

Disclaimer #1: As I did already purchase the bundle, I have obviously vested interest in getting more people do the same :-)

Disclaimer #2: Despite of disclaimer #1, I do not really need or care for #9 or #10, as I already got more that my money's worth in ForkLift, Yep and XMind. Therefore my recommendation is really based on my belief that this is a great deal.