As time passes, I am discovering more little features that either fill in the still existing gaps from my Windows toolchain or add new features. Today, at Apple presentation about Leopard Client and Leopard Server I have heard great tip.

The QuickView in Leopard is extensible with plugins. One very obvious and very useful plugin is ZIP View that gives you content of the ZIP file in preview without unzipping it. This is finally a workable replacement for Ctrl-PgDn of TotalCommander that allowed to "walk into" archive and treat ZIP file as part of the file system.

The plugin is free and can be found at the developer's site. The same author also wrote a Folder view plugin which replaces the mostly useless large icon with preview with icon and list of the files. His blog is mostly in Japanese, so it is hard to say what other treasures are there :-).

Installation is very simple: just copy the .qlgenerator files to your ~/Library/QuickLook (or to /Library/QuickLook if you want to install them for all users).

The server presentation was really interesting, I will get back to it in other blogpost.