The combination of 17" screen with Leopard's visual appeal is pure beauty.

Unlike assumed, the Leopard does NOT (yet) come preinstalled on hard disk. There is a DVD which will install it. I have decided to erase everything and start from scratch. The install took about 45 minutes and had zero problems. The only confusing part was that after erasing harddrive you also erase iLife and need to reinstall it. On the Web site, Apple shows an image of two DVD's - Leopard and iLife'08. There is however no iLife install DVD in the package.

What you have to do is to go to "old" disks - the package also contains two DVD's with version 10.4.10 and on first you can find installer for bundled software. This gives you the iLife 08 goodies such as iDVD or iMovie.

Now after tomorrow memory swap (MBP is going to get 4GB, the Macbook will receive the abandoned 2GB) I have to clean up the Mackbook hard drive, install software on my new notebook (so far I have installed only iWork, Firefox and TextMate) and get busy :-).