Few nuggets from recent surfing and reading newsfeeds:

A very nice explanation of differences between Ruby Gem and Rails plugin in Arun Gupta's blog

The community seems to be still fairly divided on the "Is Vista good or bad" ? For the laters, read the story from the corporate IT point of view. I still have not found any good reason to upgrade :-).
Good story of how the experience of joining a project should not look like

Good discussion on Flex, Flash

Long but interesting blogpost on ontology

MySQL seen from the point of view of experienced SQL Server user

Some news from the GooglePlex: everybody seems to notice that Google added the presentations to spreadsheets and documents, so you have now complete simple but functional replacements of the Word, Excel and Powerpoint for free. Google also stepped again into territory of social bookmarking - after Google bookmarks they are launching Shared Stuff. The news I personally liked the most isĀ  writeable API to GData.

Listing of hundred tools for Semantic Web