If you've ever envied the ability of multilingual friends to bridge language gaps wherever they travel or gained new appreciation for your native language by learning a new one, then you can probably see the advantage of being a programming language polyglot. Developer polyglots travel the IT world more freely than do monolinguists (sure that they can apply their skills in any environment), and they also tend to better appreciate the programming language called home, because among other things they know the roots from which that home is sprung. Isn't it time you became a polyglot?

From http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-ruby/?ca=dgr-jw22RubyOffRails

I certainly feel like it which explains the recent ruby-esque and rail-ish diversions :-). To compensate the high level coding in Ruby, Objective C as next will bring me back down to the metal, I mean Core :-)