Time to clean up the link cache again. I did not surfed much during last two weekends, so there is less to clean than usual :-).

If your computers are still confused about the DST change, here are some links that may be useful dealing with the issues - for Windows as well as for Mac. Speaking of which, I just checked that my Fedora Core 6 Linux-based NAS did recognized  the DST without any issues at all as well.

For Gmail users with multiple accounts: check out this Firefox extension  to displays email notifications. If you use Google calendar, there is another way how to synchronize with Outlook (should work with Outlook 2003 as well).

This site was recommended on Lifehacker to be a good resource for finding out whether the unknown process you have just seen in process list on Windows is a spyware or just some obscure undocumented system service: tasklist.org. Be aware, though - some of the advices may not be so great. For example, alg.exe is listed as trojan, however there is a system component with the same file name - Application Layer Gateway Service.

This website provides good introduction to Ruby. Ruby is interesting alternative to Python if you hate whitespace-is-significant type of formatting and still want the dynamic, functional programming language. Or if you want to find out what is the new Everything-On-Rails all about. If you are on the Mac, it is easy to try it out - open terminal window and type 'ruby -v' :-).

IFTF blog - link collections focused on particular topic. Nice explanation how the Apple DRM works.

Few noteworthy applications I have stumbled upon:

Polyglot -  tries to identify the (human) language based on fragment of text. Supports over 400 languages (Windows only). Google published version 5.0 of the Google Desktop. Looks very much like Vista.  The PDFLab - nice free tool to split/merge the PDF files or to convert the sequence of JPG's to PDF (OS-X).   iTunes 7.1 is out (for both Mac and Windows). Interesting file sharing application working as Firefox extension AllPeers went opensource.