It is not Friday today and I am obviously late with next link collection. Somehow I have completely missed the weekend - so much was happening at work that I had barely had time to notice what is going on on the Web. My Google Reader is overflowing with new links and there are lots of new links in delicious. Let's start.

Merlin Mann of 43folders started to do videopodcasts - have a look (in the second edition he interviews Jonathan Coulton, famous creator of the Code Monkey song). This little utility allows to synchronize contacts and tasts between Thunderbird and PocketPC. Interesting article on how to make Gmail you personal information centre.

Good article on the Zen-like "productivity zone" state and how to reach it. Tutorial how to sync address book via IMAP. The.NET addict published two more articles in the series of  "Windows developer learning OS-X programming: this time he compares NIB and XAML and the Objective-C 2.0 categories with C# 3 LINQ extensions. Hmmm !

Some new software: for Windows, Virtual PC 2007 is out. ASP.NET developers - this Viewstate viewer is really useful. Version 5.0.3 of fantastic Reflector is available. For Web workers - top web tools for college students - but you will them useful even if you are not one. For Mac users - automate the network share mounting based on your location and tagging add-on for iTunes.

Interesting series of articles on software maintenance.  Guide how to switch from Windows to Linux (from IBM). Registers suggests that if you are buying new laptop, go for Mac (Milos/Gabo - they say almost exactly what were talking about today ...). With few exceptions, if you want to avoid Vista, Mac + XP in Parallels is your best choice as most manufacturers are offering only Vista notebooks.