I have picked it two days ago in Chapters - Code Craft by Pete Goodliffe. Somehow similar in topics covered as the Rapid Development or From Coder to Developer - but newer. Divided into 6 parts:

Part I - At the codeface - defensive programming techniques, naming, formatting, commenting, error handling

Part II - The secret life of code - code contruction tools, testing and debugging methods, building

Part III - The Shape of the code - code design, architecture, source code growth and decay over time

Part IV - The Herd of Programmers - development practices and programming skills, psychological aspects of programming, communication

Part V - Part of the Process - rites and rituals of software development, specifications, estimation, code reviews,

Part VI - View from the top - high level view, sofware development metodologies.

I started to read in rather unstructured way in chapter 16 (Code Monkeys) dealing with typology of programmers and chapter 17,  covering the team and communication issues. I liked it a lot. Easy read, funny, entertaining and very practical. Often just common sense, but already formulated and properly packaged, ready to be communicated.

I have decided to read the full book. Will post a review after I am done.