It is Friday again, time to clean up the link cache. I'll try to make this a Friday affair and stick with weekly schedule.

The DRM is having hard time: after Steve Jobs article about how DRM is bad, EMI announcement of considering dropping the DRM, another of Net celebrities - cryptography legend Bruce Schneier (of Applied Crypography and Blowfish fame) wrote an article for Forbes Why Vista DRM Is Bad for you. He makes several good points, it is good read.

Interesting article on using Google as office platform - beyond Google for domains. Do you know what are the 3 largest databases of the world? Not Google, it is actually #4. Its World Data Centre for climate, followed by National Energy Research Centre and AT&T. Hard to believe ? Here you find top ten.

In the .NET world - Scott Hanselman has interesting article on Static Code analysis with NDepend. Few interesting findings from CodeProject: Record Versioning with SQL Server, Marc Clifton has new article on Disconnected Client Architecture (Marc writes great advanced level articles, look around), How to use extended properties to create self-documenting databases. Nice gauge controls for Winforms.

On Mac side: yet another list of best Mac resources. Rant about Quartz Composer. Release Candidate 3 of Parallels is out and it is Leopard ready (to run under Leopard, not to virtualize OS-X). Even Second Life already has Apple Store. Why does not Ottawa have one ?

From a business law world - for newbies like myself, nice and understandable explanation of the difference between an IPO and reverse merger through a public shell.  Nice video on Google master plan.