1) Bruce Schneier

Bruce is author of several excellent books on cryptography, from very easy, thriller like read to a classic work Applied Cryptograhy (highly recommended). The blog goes back to 2004 and is fascinating read.

2) Paul Thurrott

Paul is the Windows guy from Windows Weekly podcast (recommended) who also runs the Winsupersite . He is one of the few people who focus on Microsoft technology and still keep balanced, fair view of the affairs. Paul is certainly not a Microsoft fanboy - and obviously not a Microsoft hater. He seems to share the same balanced approach in case of Apple and OS-X - he appreciates his strengths without being an Apple zealot.

3) Cedrik's Weblog

Google engineer, creator of the TestNG framework, writing mostly on Java and test driven development. I was fairly deep involved recently in unit testing (mostly in .NET world) and discovered there is a lot of interesting tools and frameworks available beyond the JUnit/NUnit boundaries. But that is topic for the other time.