Time to clean up the link cache once again.

Obviously, most of the news on Techsites are Vista related. Web Worker's daily gives you 10 reasons why to upgrade to Vista and 10 reasons why not. MacHouse comments on complicated upgrade paths and Brian Briggs offers decision chart for the updgradees.

General spirit - compared to the launch of Windows 95 - is fairly cynical. The italian Mac bloggers sums it up: Niente di nuovo in Vista. So does this one. This site shows some real innovation :-). Despite it is Vista launch, Steve Jobs and OS-X seems to get almost as much publicity as Vista and as few bloggers commented - Microsoft does not take it easy - see Bill Gates TV appearance.

But back to tech. While organizing my MP3 collection (getting ready to move it up to the NAS), I have found this opensource tool very helpful. One of my countrymen provides service that converts text files to iPod readable eBook format. If you have iPod and do not have eReader, try it out. Good article on using PowerShell to simplify deployment on Windows. Mark Russinovich of the Sysinternals fame started series on Vista Kernel. Sysinternals was acquired by Microsoft which was certainly great for Mark. But is one of the ironies of life that the guy who discovered Sony DRM rootkit in 2005 and started the public outcry which caused the recall of all DRM-ed CD's is now employed by a company which allowed the most aggresive DRM cancer to be part of the the OS kernel ...

Also first Vista related hacks are appearing: starting with how to install Vista upgrade on clean machine Also the touted DRM did not last long: two months or one day - depending how you count. See Vista DRM: How fools and their copy-protection investments are always separated, Vista DRM cracked. Register even calls the Windows DRM the 'longest suicide note in history'. Was it really worth to create all the controversy ? Vista has lots to offer - the improvements in usability, security and "core" applications are substantial - but the very bad way how the DRM is burried into kernel and stubborn refusal to admit where the new features inspiration came from completely hide that.

But enough about Vista. Lifehacker published link to tutorial how to burn almost any video file to playable DVD. If you are not on Mac and miss you Quicksilver, try Launchy. If you are on Mac platform, look at this nice opensource app and read how to better use metadata.