Since over 1 month I am using Web based tools for calendar, email, task management, bookmark management and note taking. One problem that these tools have is that as soon as your connection goes down, you are done. Game over. Few days ago I have discovered Scrybe, a tool which maybe can address this problem. Unfortunately, I cannot tell from my own experience, because the system is in private Beta and does allow you to register. But if you can believe the sneak peek video (linked from the site), it should combine calendar which is even better than Google Calendar, task manager and note taking program that would make Google Notes look like second class citizen.

And not only every of these program seems to look and work better as the current "best of the class", it claims that you can switch the browser (Firefox or IE) to Working Offline mode and keep on using the program, with seamless data resynchronization after the connectivity is restored. It should also nicely synchronize with mobile devices and allows transfer information to and from Office documents via simple copy and paste - without messing up the formatting.

Very nice feature is also "paper synchronization" - printing out fold-able calendar, todo list etc - very similar to PocketMod idea, but with current content. It also should give you very nice way how to turn your notes - Web clippings - into presentable documents. I would love to give it a test ride, if I could.

It almost sounds too good to be true. If it is really true what the video shows - Google or Yahoo, please please please buy this company and get the product out to the masses :-)