Lot's of things happening this week - Macworld and CES generated lots of activity in podcasts. Macbreak has interesting series of interviews done (mostly) by Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann with various people from Macworld. If you are interested how the author of Cocoalicious looks like in flesh, go and grab the few Macbreak episodes. There is also interesting interview with creators of the Modbook (Macbook based tablet), the Omni group, makers of the great OmniOutliner who recently release OmniPlan. It should be the first project management tool that does not suck. It is hard to believe that there can be a piece of software that contains Gantt diagram and is logical and usable <grin/> - it certainly does not apply to MS Project. I am really curious how the OmniFocus - the new GTD tool in preparation - will look like when it is done.

Steve Gibson and Security Now! did not rest during holidays and his new series of podcasts is *very* interesting. It deals with DRM, content protection and Vista. He also did an interview with Peter Gutmann, the author of the white paper detailing the impact and cost of Windows Vista's content protection implementation to operating system users.

Windows weekly brings episode duelling keynotes - Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs. I can confirm they were quite different. One was like a perfectly prepared show, a focused work of art, briliantly delivered. The other was non-inspiring, kind of dull and partially off topic (what has the Office 2007 to do with electronic gadgets ?). Even if you consider differences in personalities and impact of jobsian reality distortion field, the comparison does not look good for Microsoft. Which is sad - I make my living on using almost exclusively Microsoft technologies for last 10 months, but I watched Steve Jobs keynote twice, and could not finished watching the other keynote even once.

Too bad that the FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) has no new episodes. There are soo many interesting people in OpenSource community that would make a great show !