As I mentioned before, I am keeping all my bookmarks in account. Thanks to excellent Firefox extension and available bookmarklets, posting new URL's is very comfortable. After using the for some time, here is few tips how get best of it:

- use the post buttons - they are available for Firefox as well as IE
- post often and tag a lot. Tags are the only way how to search the non-public posts
- keep consistent approach to tag names. I use singular, replace the '.' with word dot (dotnet) and write all lowercase
- follow the crowd - consider using similar tags as others, it makes it easier to be part of community
- use wisdom of the crowd. Look what else did other people tagged with the same tag as you did. You will be surprised what you may discover.

You can use the URL's creative way. To list all your bookmarks tagged with 'osx', enter To find out what anybody else tagged with 'osx', use To see what is most popular with tag 'osx' use You can see the pattern. It is also very easy to search URL's tagged with combination of tags, for example search all URL's tagged with all three tags" 'osx', 'software' and 'free' use (the %2B is Web encoding of the '+' sign). You can also enter tags at the top of the home page:

picture-2.png offers very nice programmatic API, to retrieve/update/add list of posts, tags or bundles. This makes it very easy to integrate with other systems - and this is main reason why there are so many add-ons, tools and hacks available.

Having bookmarks on-line is what you want to do - they are not very useful without internet connection. As your collection grows, and you invest some time in organizing and cleaning up the collection, you may want to take some precaution that this effort will be not wasted if for some reason Yahoo decides discontinue the service: you want backup. gives you option of doing backup, via Settings->Export/Backup. If you want more, I found this wonderful page full of tools.

I am right now evaluation the Mac-only offline Client WebnoteHappy which seems to be very promising and works exactly the way I like. It integrates bookmarks from Firefox, Safari and into one repository, allows you locally search, modify and manage the collection but post changes back to delicious. This way you can have best of both worlds: high user comfort and offline availability with local backup as well as on-line availability with synchronization. User interface resembles iTunes. There are still some minor with the program that I have not figured out - but this is what the evaluation period is for, right ?

Also very nice - and free - is also Cocoalicious offline client. It is fantastic help to consolidate and rename your tags. Rather then doing it through Web interface (see you just rename the tag in Cocoalicious same way as you would rename file in Finder).