Weekend time again. As few times before, here are few discoveries from the Web:

Google is pushing Internet Explorer 7. Their own version, using new Internet Explorer Administration Kit. It is not really different version - just configured with Google as default search engine and Google toolbar. Nothing that little more experienced user would not do himself. I am not sure how successfull this will be - but I am pretty sure that this was not what Microsoft had in mind how this tools should be used for.

NY Times offers pretty entertaining series of videos with David Pogue. Over forty pieces, several of them are relly funny.

Guess which country has most IP adresses per capita ? No, neither USA, nor Japan, nor the Scandinavian countries, it is Vatican. USA is second, Canada third (thumbs up !!). More countries are here. No surprises on the other side of the scale: Ethiopia, Niger, Congo.

Interesting article how Google keeps employees: by treating them like kids. Very interesting. Should I have had an option at the time of finishing my university studies, to extend my student life by few more years - I would have likely gone for it. I even tried it by accepting a job at the University, but it was not the same. Obvious why - different time and no Google ...

Few blogs that caught my attention:

Mirkwood - blog about reading. See also the recommended links on similar blogs ...

Sharing the truth one thread at the time. - despite the religiously sounding title, this one is about technology. Interesting reads.

This one is classic: Merlin Mann's 43folders Check it out if you do not know it. I mention it because I listened to few Merlin's podcasts and liked them. Worth looking at is also Wiki and forum.