In previous FEOTD entries I have mentioned excellent tools that help you maintain the URL's of the pages you want to remember ( , and in case the URL is not enough, save the content of the Web page for offline access or archive. But what if the web page is not really what you are interested in, you just want download all files files attached to the page - and there is a *lot* of them.

If this is the problem, do not search any further, this plugin is exactly what you need. On activation it provides you with links from current page, allows selecting which types of files or even individual links to download and creates a download queue. You can specify download directory and template for renaming files(this is very handy when several linked files have same name - e.g. images linked from different URL's).

The downloader is good netizen - it inserts delays between to downloads to give the web server on the other side time to breathe and serve other requests.

The URL is

Happy downloading !