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This Mac thing seems to be quite contagious. Gabo started to seriously considering buying the MacBook, after listening to my happy stories about Great Mac Discoveries. Even Vlad, right now living trough his latest love-affair with Ubuntu Linux was deeply impressed with OS-X after we seeing Expose, Spotlight, PhotoBooth and iPhoto in action.

Next day, after I arrived to the office in the morning, Gabo was already there. Which is not unusual. Since his little son and wife are back, they get up quite early in the morning and Gabo usually beats me to arrive first to work. He lives only 5 minutes away anyway ...

So this morning he was there, sitting with sort of different look on his face and started with very unexpected question:
"What is different about me this morning" ?

I am checking - the mustache is in place ... no hair color change (at least not that I would notice ...). Trying to think about the clothing is hopeless - I never pay any attention to who wears what. Not even with women ... And why the heck does he ask such crazy question at all ? Is he OK ?

But he continues: "How do I look today ?" ?

When I stare at him, and before I can say anything, he finally resolves the mystery:

"Do I look like somebody who ordered a MacBook" ?

Now that is a news. It took me well over 3 months to make the decision. It took Gabo about 2 weeks (and few days with my Macbook).

And the best of all was Vlad's comment:

"You guys are dangerous ! I am now really in trouble - I want one too !"