1) Who is the author ?

2) What is the purpose / motivation for publishing ?

What is the benefit for the author ? Surprisingly large amount of blogs I’ve seen, did not have obvious motivation, rather than “because I can”. The main difference between publishing a Web and publishing a blog is very low barrier of entry. Almost everybody can blog. And as it looks like, almost everybody does.

3) What is the content/topics covered ?

4) What audience is the blog for? What is the benefit for the readers ?

1) learning and problem solving

2) navigation guide and discovery

3) filter …


What benefit do I expect to get out of making my e-Stuff publicly accessible ?

- quality of content.

I saw huge jump in quality when I started to write things down compared to just thinking about them. Writing forced me to formulate my thoughts much more precisely and writing/typing slowed me down enough to spot obvious problems. I hope for similar effect when going from writing privately to writing publicly. Chance of a feedback and possibility of an audience will (hopefully) force me to improve my communication skills, upgrade my English grammar and vocabulary and communicate more clearly. Time will show if it will indeed happen …

- accessibility

If something is easily accessible for everybody, it is easily accessible for myself as well

- diligence in active processing of the content

Responsibility of public blog will hopefully help to overcome laziness. It happens all the time: I have interesting idea or observation, but because I am lazy, I just fire off an email to myself with 3 cryptic words or write them down on piece of paper. Week later, nothing makes sense any more, and idea is gone. If I’d spend 5 more minutes on making it a short blog entry, it could have been still there. With my Mac virtually always with me, I can do that from any place

- learning on own mistakes

You can never learn from a mistake unless you find out you’ve made one first. And nobody will give any feedback, unless they know what you are doing …

- synchronicity and serendipity

One cannot rely on it, but I have seen evidence of it too many times to ignore it. Just trying to increasing the chances of any of that happening again, is worth the effort.