Last year, when I got my first Mac, it was a wild ride of discoveries and trying out new software. As result I have ended up with many programs installed that I do not really need or use. Fortunately, the uninstall process is as simple as install and there is no registry that could get corrupted, so it was not really a big deal. With the new one, I am going to be much more selective what I put on the harddrive and what not.

I've decided to keep track what I installed to make the reinstallation (should it be ever required) easier. Here is what I have installed so far:

iWork 08 - very nice replacement for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

TextMate – "THE editor" - Most amazing editor I have ever encountered, since Emacs. Similarly powerful (I have not really mastered it completely and mostly forgot the Emacs commands to make fair comparison) - but with UI that is nice and elegant (unlike Emacs which is super powerful but ugly like hell)

Eclipse - Java IDE most of our clients use

Netbeans Ruby IDE - the other IDE, currently the best IDE for Ruby development

Adium - chat client that can talk to MSN Messenger, Yahoo messenger and GoogleTalk. No voice, yet - this is what Skype and iChat's are for.

QuickSilver - the launcher and much more. It is actually easier to use it than to explain it :-)

CHMOX - reader for Microsoft compiled Help file format (.CHM).

NeoOffice - I should not really need it with iWork, but until I test that the exported documents cause no troubles for the other on MS-Office, this is my "plan B"

Cord - open source Windows Remote Desktop client

Library Books - nice menulet that alerts you when books are due for return to local library. Ottawa public library is supported.

KeePassX - secure vault that stores your serial numbers, logins, passwords in very secure way. Open source, multi platform (OS-X, Linux, Windows) and the data files are fully compatible.

iTerm - another terminal. May not be necessary, as the default Terminal looks pretty good in Leopard - but it is great to have an opensource alternative, should that not be the case :-)

Transmission - bittorrent client

JungleDisk - the Amazon S3 Service client.

OmniOutliner Pro - the outliner. See the manual for details.

VMWare Fusion - virtualization environment

VLC - media player

I have also installed whole bunch of Java libraries and tools (such as Ant, Spring framework, Tomcat, Glassfish, Jakarta Commons) and Ruby gems - but that's too much detail for the moment :-).